Diet & Exercise

Choosing the right foods promotes health and well being. Making healthy food choices is not about strict nutrition, staying too thin, or even necessarily depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about being committed to your health and well-being, feeling great about your food choices, looking forward to having more energy, stabilizing your mood fluctuations, and keeping yourself enrolled in a healthy lifestyle.

Expand your range of healthy food choices and plan ahead to create and maintain a tastier and more nutritious diet.

Exercise, mainly cardiovascular, is the primary way to help minimize those extra pounds and to maintain optimum weight. It’s also an extremely important part of maintaining your health and decreasing the risk of developing chronic dis-eases. What you eat before you exercise has a great impact on the results you will see and the way you feel afterwards.
Being Mindful of How you Eat
Written by Dr. Adrienne Stewart

Being mindful is about allowing our consciousness to rest fully on what we are doing in the moment. We are constantly bombarded by information, so it is easy to become distracted and disconnected from the present.

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Rice-Crust Pizza Recipe
Written by Dr. A. Stewart

This is one of my favorites... I hope you enjoy it! Many patients try a “gluten-free” diet (wheat free), with great success in treating a variety of symptoms. The biggest complaint about this type of diet.

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Heart Healthy Spicy Salmon Recipe
Written by Ron Baron

This recipe is full of heart healthy garlic and omega 3 fatty acids. The red chile pepper does more than add a kick to the recipe, it helps improve circulation. Your heart and your mouth will...

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