Recreation - A State of Mind

Written by Ron Baron

Recreation happens when ones focused intentions shift into a state of re-creation. Recreation is defined as an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working. It’s origin in late Middle English, means mental and spiritual consolation. In Old French from Latin, means to create again and renew.

Often times, we pigeon hole recreation and work as things which are physical activities or physical places. Recreation is actually a state of mind. A healthier and freer mind helps to alter the experience of recreation. The same alteration holds true for what 'works ' is experienced as. How many people, do you know have actually stopped ‘working’ for a living when all of a sudden, they found joy, fun, excitement and purpose in their work? This gives testimony to the possibility of recreation existing right at your place of business!

Recreation elicits being present and in the now moments as the mind shifts its focus. Whether you are playing a sport or doing some kind of activity for enjoyment, you are in a re-creative state - a now state. This can be re-created at work as well. It only requires a mind shift from where you are presently. If you think of work and are not smiling, it’s not because work has you frowning. It's because you've not shifted your focus.

Only when you choose to be happy now, will you be happy now. When you choose and allow yourself to be in the state of recreation at work, that experience will follow. You’ll discover that work will no longer define your experience. You’ll also be able to see how easy it is to finally retire from ever having to work again.

So consider never working again right now. And for the rest of your life as well. Allow recreation to come into your daily life by your own volition.

Only you can alter your state of mind. Understanding this, will help alter the quality of experiences in everything you do as well. When this happens, your physical and mental state will alter permanently. Health will either reappear or strengthen and stresses will become a thing of the past.

Admitting that you are the sole creator of your state of mind, is essential to having this happen. You really are the final gate keeper of all your experiences. Acknowledging this will unlock the doorway to putting recreation (renewal), fun, joy and passion back into your life when ever you choose.

Whether at work or at play, whatever the state of mind is that you are in, will cause all of your experiences to be as they are. If you are reading this, it might be the perfect time to take responsibility for your own state of mind and consciously redirect your focus on what really matters in the quality of your life.

Ron Baron

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