Well Being - Keeping Your Mind Fit

Keeping your mind fit is just as important as keeping your body fit. Well-Being is a broad term and covers many areas of interest. The following articles provide you with some great suggestions on things you can do to make yourself feel "mentally great"!
Cancer Meditation and the Road to Quantum Gliding
Written by Ron Baron

Ron Baron shares his insights in his cancer journey and how it preempted the creation of Quantum Gliding. Wisdom and insights given through clear vision, are inspiring and powerful. Being responsible and accountable for our life is not something that can be done while we are sleeping. Mr. Baron inspires many expanded conversations for you to step into a new vantage point.

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Mr. Ron Baron welcomes you to the world of Quantum Gliding.

The introduction provides a good understanding of what Quantum Gliding is. An explanation of Quantum Gliding is NOT Quantum Gliding. Quantum Gliding is your 'experience' itself. It becomes very personal, deeply intimate and unique to only you. Q-Gliding lives in the "now" and resides in a space called "no-where". It’s not a place that you can "get" to because there is nowhere to ‘get’ -- it’s the space of just being present in the moment. This is a Lifestyle Practice that is yours for a lifetime. Practiced with devotion, it brings sustainable joy, happiness, and freedom into your life.

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