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Dr. Alan Christianson NMD

We know that our mental state effects the quality of our life. We also know that exercise is vital to our health. Ron Baron has created a system to help both with elegance and simplicity. It is called Quantum Gliding. To those who are short on time and in need of self care, it is a perfect solution. Quantum Gliding offers the benefits of an aerobic workout combined with that of advanced meditation. It delivers this with less time or effort than either activity would require individually. I am a huge fan of Quantum Gliding and am confident new users will find it fun, easy and profoundly rewarding. Dr. Alan G. Christianson, NMD www.myintegrativehealth.com
Dr. Adrienne Stewart

I am so excited that I can now recommend Quantum Gliding for my patients. It’s a wonderful combination of exercise and meditation—perfect for those struggling with fatigue, weight gain, mood imbalances or for those wanting to improve their overall vitality. Quantum Gliding is beneficial on many levels. The aerobic exercise on a treadmill provides great cardiovascular benefits by strengthening your heart and lowering your resting heart rate. Having the ability to control the speed and incline allows you to tailor the intensity according to your current skill set.

Many people state that they don’t have enough energy to exercise or that they feel they need to be fit in order to workout. However, this misconception is only holding them back. With Quantum Gliding, you go at your own pace, build up and challenge yourself to go further each time. By doing this, you build confidence, endurance, and stamina. Because it is a weight-bearing exercise, it strengthens your muscle tone and bone density—a great solution for preventing osteoporosis.

In addition to the physical benefits, Quantum Gliding stimulates the release of endorphins and therefore provides emotional well-being. Having this amazing tool for stress management can improve your mood, help you sleep, and improve your relationships. Who wouldn’t want that? Another common concern I hear is not having enough time to exercise. With the hectic pace of modern life, trust me- I get it. However, in order to empower your health, you have to actively make time, rather than trying to find time. It takes discipline not to cut into this time for other things. Each time you are tempted, just remember that you are worthy of having this time to care for yourself. Here's to lots of energy, improved sleep, reduced stress, and better health! Happy Gliding!
Zoë Putnam's Quantum Gliding Endorsement

We can choose, from among the different ways available to us, a path to deep inner peace, joy, and personal power. Yoga is one. Meditation is another. Quantum Gliding is a third. Quantum Gliding guides you to a place of effortless freedom by releasing the inner tensions that hold us hostage and replacing them with the very goals we strive for — peace, joy, and love. It does this while we walk (usually on a treadmill) at our own comfortable pace. Quantum Gliding, a deeply centered, balanced state accompanied by gentle aerobic exercise, is an ideal way to "have it all."
Tana Amen speaks out about Quantum Gliding

Quantum Gliding is a brilliant! Few tools have the power to transform our minds and energy like guided visualization. I recommend it for all of my clients, and I use it myself on a daily basis. As a martial artist, I believe it was the consistent use of guided visualization, along with regular training that made my black belt test feel like "effortless power", and pass before I even realized I had been testing for over two hours. Prior to incorporating guided visualization into my daily training, I had been concerned about making it through the test. Incorporating guided visualization directly into your aerobics workout with Quantum Gliding.

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