The Quantum Gliding Team

Our Quantum Gliding team is passionate about transformation. Each member of our team contribute with their hearts and minds.

Ron Baron - Founder/CEO

Ron Baron, founder and CEO of Quantum Gliding, is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Ron majored in Biology and Psychology and minored in child development and interpersonal skills and communication. He was a director of education for a hair color company from Paris and wrote their color theory encyclopedia. Ron had been nick-named "The Hairgod" by his clients. Ron embraced the title as well as the hearts of those who bestowed it upon him and enhanced their physical beauty.

Ron is passionate about the performing arts and has participated in public theatre. He has recorded a wide variety of songs for personal enjoyment, giving them as gifts to family and friends. His career within many facets of the beauty world has enriched his life in unimaginable ways. Ron is also the creator of Factor IV, a High Potency Powder Nutrition, for hair, skin, nails. This product is the first therapeutic dosage of its kind. He has also created Baron’s Miracle Mini Meditations, which are 5-20 minute meditation quickies for people that are busy.

Quantum Gliding is one of Ron’s greatest contributions as it was channelled in after having a near death experience. Ron is writing a book on what had happened and shares expanded perspectives of reality. He has in the process of writing a three weekend transformational-curriculum, which is a project that will help you to access sustainable freedom and happiness. Ron currently resides in the Southwest.

Brad Forst
Legal Advisor

Brad Forst, has over 25 years experience as an executive and CEO with an extensive background in technology commercialization, R&D, manufacturing, energy, law and finance. He was formerly the president and CEO of Simula, Inc., a publicly traded AMEX company based in Phoenix, and president and CEO of Gradient Analytics Inc, Scottsdale, Arizona. He began his career in the energy business with Shell Oil Company. As CEO he led Simula through a successful corporate turn-around and sale. At Gradient he led the company through a growth period and its first entry into international markets. He has served on four corporate Boards of Directors, including as Audit Committee Chairman of a NASDAQ company. He teaches as an adjunct professor at both the W.P. Carey School of Business and the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, at Arizona State University.

Rebecca Nelson
Office Administration

Rebecca Nelson is an enrolled member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. She has obtained her Associates Degree in Business and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Political Science with minor in American Indian Studies at Arizona State University.

She has spent over five years working within the Native American business field as an consultant. Rebecca has produced many events and produced her own short film that was featured in WGBH's We Shall Remain series. Rebecca gives of her time and talents feely to her Native American community.

Her goal is and always has been to better the world around her in any way possible.

Dan Somers
Producer Arranger

Dan Somers spent several years as a senior intelligence analyst for the US Government. In 2007 he left that position to make a full-time pursuit out of his true passion; music. He composed his first song when he was 12 years old, started a band when he was 16, and has been working with all facets of music ever since. He has written thousands of songs, started several bands, and worked as a live sound engineer, radio DJ, musician, and record label executive. Today, Dan is a partner and recording engineer at a commercial recording studio (audioconfusion in Mesa, AZ) where he has recorded hundreds of albums, and is also an independent music producer, writer, and performer (singer, pianist, guitarist, bassist, electronic programmer, and synthesizer player). He has written, arranged, performed, recorded, and mixed well over 100 unique pieces for Quantum Glide, each synchronized to the vocals and specifically designed to "set the mood" for a given visualization, and plans to double that as the project continues to grow.

Dawnne Rigbsy
Research & Development

Dawnne has spent many years in various aspects of corporate businesses from budgeting, advertising and personnel training to maintaining sales and recruitment goals. Dawnne is a certified Reiki Master, and creator of Vio-Light Therapy. Her passion lies within the area of transformation for all humanity. She has also been supervising course events for many years and plans to offer her support to Ron's three weekend LifeStyle Curriculum when it's completed in 2014. As part of the Quantum Gliding team, Dawnne is responsible for market research and leader support.

Catherine DuBois-Scott

Catherine DuBois-Scott has worked in the health industry for the past 25 years. Cathrine was inspired to choose a more conscious and alternative solution to health and well being after losing her fiancé at the early age of 23. Her retail experience has been in the health field and she worked for many years as an exercise consultant for women's gyms. Cathrine is the author of an inspiring book for those who seek inspiration around physical health called, "Wimp turned body... builder." "My passion is to support healing on our planet." - Cathrine Dubois-Scott

Curtis McAlpine

Curtis McAlpine is trained in kinesiology and sports nutrition and looks to bring a fresh approach to health and well being for people. "Learning about Quantum Gliding, allows me to put mind, body and soul awareness in to play and can easily make a huge difference for people", says Curtis. His past experience with sports has paved the way for his present career. Curtis loves to teach and help people feel great about themselves. Helping Q-Gliders learn to deepen their practice, has become his present passion.