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Three Universal Laws of Energy

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Quantum Gliding follows Three Universal Laws of Energy

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What people are saying about Quantum Gliding

  Dr. Adrienne Stewart on Quantum Gliding

"What a great experience! I used to be a ballet dancer and ever since I stopped dancing on a regular basis, I have had a hard time finding a form of exercise that is fun, rewarding, and healthy for my body, mind, and spirit. more...

Quantum Gliding is an amazing option to incorporate into my routine because it is an art form that I can practice and improve upon over time. Plus, it doesn't take a huge time commitment in my busy schedule.

In the past, I got "winded" pretty quickly on treadmills. Quantum Gliding has given me a huge awareness of my breath and posture-allowing me to exercise longer and enjoy the process. Additionally, I love the focus on intentions and being mindful. Having this time to truly be present is such a rewarding gift. Thank you so much!" close

  Ronald S. in Scottsdale, AZ

"For the first time in my life, cardio workouts are appealing. Plus, I never realized that I could focus for so long. This has greatly improved my issues with ADD. I feel clearer, more focused and satisfied that I'm doing something positive for my physical health. I presently Q-Glide wearing a sleep mask which does help, although it gets wet from sweating. I look forward to the day when your Inner-vision Seekers are available."


  Sonny K. in Phoenix, AZ.

"I started quantum gliding about 9 months ago. The visualizations and breathing exercises keeps my focus from going down the "rabbit-hole" of discomfort with relation to aerobic exercise. It has been, and continues to be, a huge impact in my life, and my outlook on my personal health and fitness".

  A Soldier's Experience

"No one spends more time or money on getting people fit as quickly and efficiently as possible than the military. How do they accomplish this in training? There is dedicated physical training (PT) each day, but that can only go so far. Trainees also spend a lot of time marching, but that alone has limited cardiovascular benefits - but there is a twist: As you march they have you call cadence in a forceful way. This serves to control breathing by the nature of the cadence, and to train soldiers to breathe diaphragmatically by way of demanding high volume without yelling.

As training progresses, the cadences become more difficult, and the volume is required to rise. In this way, the military is able to maximize the aerobic benefits of walking. Quantum Gliding does the exact same thing - diaphragmatic breathing and breath control, set to a rhythm. This is a proven method, but has not been emulated by any exercise program - until now." close

  A Realization of Self

"Today, I had an amazing Quantum Gliding experience. The distinction "I am not my brain" was clearly visible and I was fully present to that experience. Getting on the treadmill today was not going to happen. I had a bad headache, back pain and Murphy's Law was in full swing. I heard the thoughts in my head say, "If there is any day that you don't have to QG, it's today." In that moment I became aware that my brain was once again trying to sabotage me (spirit/soul). Out loud I said, "I am committed to doing QG and am enjoying it." Then I heard, "yeah but you don't feel good."

As I stepped onto the treadmill, I spoke out loud and said to my brain, "We're not having your nonsense today." After a few minutes of listening to the Q-Glide audio, the drama of my brain remained ruthless. It told me to stop and get off. I heard it actually say, "Look, you made the effort, that's more than enough to show you are serious, but you really don't feel good, so go relax." I struggled with my intentions and breathing, and the voice kept getting louder. I finally shouted out loud, "Enough already!" That's when something amazing happened. I engaged in a conversation with my brain for the next 20 minutes. It was clear, real, and as though I was having a conversation with someone standing right in front of me.

I have never before seen so clearly, the "I Am", that my soul is. I Am a divine soul who has a human brain and body. And right now, I am so clear that I am not my brain or body. In that conversation, I got to see how cunning my brain is. It connects to and reads my physical body's actions and remembers the history of my life. (Not the "me" which I call soul. But the me that I'll say is my persona, I guess.)

My brain has known exactly what to say to derail me from my focus. I see how my brain has ruled the roost all this time. I envisioned myself sitting in the dark talking to someone else who was telling me everything I could and couldn't do in my life and why I was so inadequate. Then suddenly the light switch flipped on. I realized I was sitting alone. The negative, ongoing chatter was coming from my own brain. I was very close to freedom and peace. Freed from the past, in the next moment, awareness of my life transformed. I let go and forgave myself for everything I was holding onto about myself, everything that I was beating myself up for. It wasn't me, it was my brain. All of a sudden I remembered that I was still on the treadmill. I had lost track of all time! The Audio said "it was a pleasure to be with you and your Q-Gliding was over for today…" What an utterly amazing journey I had taken in just 38 minutes. Written by Dawnne R, NJ." close

  Daniel S. in Arizona

"Like many Americans, I felt compelled to contribute in some way following the tragic events of 9/11. I found my outlet in the US Army where I specialized in Human Intelligence. After my six-year contract was over, I was left with two major problems: One was paralyzing anxiety from the war that was preventing me from reaching any of my goals in life; the other was a profound distaste for aerobic exercise (having woken up before dawn every day for six years to run for miles and miles). Then, I discovered Quantum Glide.

First for my anxiety, I found that the guided visualizations, tied into the breathing techniques, "put me in the driver’s seat" of my own life (in a way that traditional therapy and psychiatry had not) for the first time in the better part of a decade. I have made huge strides in my career in the last year, with a lot more on the horizon. I really feel as though I now have an opportunity to realize my full potential. As a bonus, I can draw on the experience of the most recent glide I have done (typically that morning) when I am having difficulty - using the intentions and breathing techniques I was practicing - to get "centered" and focus on solutions instead of obsessing over problems. I can not over-emphasize the role that Quantum Glide has played in my ever growing success and general life satisfaction.

Then, there is the physical. I basically swore off any kind of cardiovascular exercise once it was no longer required by my job, and suffered the weight gain one might expect from such a lifestyle change. However, I very quickly dropped 15 pounds (all of it fat) with another 15 to go to reach my target. I now stand out at gatherings as the most physically fit male in my entire family, a position that will only become stronger as I continue to Glide. Looking at my family, you would think that I was doomed to a very unhealthy, unattractive build, but Quantum Glide really has given me the edge to defeat my genes without breaking my "no cardio" rule; because Quantum Gliding feels nothing like doing a cardio workout even though that is precisely what I am doing, and reaping the rewards thereof.

I know it is cliche to say a product has "changed my life," but over the last year, that really has proven to be the case. I am mentally and physically more healthy, I am more assertive, I have more self-confidence, I am far more productive, and all I have to "sacrifice" for all of this is about 45 minutes of painless, relaxing exercise that feels more like strolling down the beach while listening to soothing music for about 15 minutes. It is a more than fair trade, and I am extremely excited to continue in this practice for as long as I live - perhaps then, organically tapping into the deeper existential roots of the practice.

Not that a certain mindset is required (I am largely skeptical of anything "new age" in my own life): You can simply get healthy and get happy in the easiest way ever developed and leave it at that. It is just good to know that, like martial arts (I also hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do) there are other levels of depth that can be explored if you chose to pursue them." close

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