What is Quantum Gliding?

Quantum Gliding is an extraordinary practice that combines aerobic exercise with audio-guided visualization. It's peaceful, calming and energizing! Watch the suffering and discomfort vanish from your aerobic workout. Quantum Gliding is an awesome synergy of mind, body and you, who are spirit.

Quantum Gliding follows Three Universal Laws of Energy

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Cancer and the Creation of Quantum Gliding

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Understanding Quantum Gliding

Quantum Gliding is a practice which simultaneously includes walking on the treadmill, or other stationary equipment, while you listen to an audio-guided visualization. Although your practice lasts between 30-45 minutes, your experience of time is significantly decreased because your focus is redirected to the present moments of your visualized intentions. You will wear a blind fold, sleep mask or black-0ut glasses, which are called, ‘inner-vision seekers’, which will help you to remain focused.

One Law of Energy says that, "no two things can occupy the same space." In Q-Gliding, the power of your intentional focus helps you to be in the ‘zone’ of now moments. This drastically reduces, if not vanishes the awareness of time and space. In minutes, you feel nourished, energized, alert, and inspired, simply by creating positive intentions. Whatever old and expired negative thoughts you have energetically leave your body on the carpet ride of your breath.

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Q-Gliding offers you a much needed cardiovascular workout for the body and clears out of clutter in your mind. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s easy. Quantum Gliding opens the doorway to the realization of the self. The ideal of having an aerobic workout, a mediation, and your own practice to enlightenment, rolled into one is amazing!

A journey to a quantum place in time

Quantum Gliding takes you to a place outside of our relative time/space continuum. Blanketed with focused intentions, you go to a "quantum space in time", away from the awareness of physical exertion. You remain clear and aware that your body fully supports you during your entire practice. Some gliders have said that they feel that they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

A fun and exciting cardiovascular experience

If you’re allergic to aerobic exercise, this is for you!
You have an upset-free aerobic work that feels like it lasts a fraction of the time. Cardiovascular activity improves the quality of your life. If you are part of the large number of individuals who are still grossly overweight, this is for you to enjoy because there is no one to compete with and you get to choose your level of challenge. Any unwillingness and suffering associated with a cardiovascular work outs, is replaced with joy, enthusiasm, and excitement. A cardio workout is a vital necessity to all human health. It's pretty incredible to have a work out appear to take less time because of a focal shift. You’ll come to understand what a “gliding” sensation feels like. This is when, your awareness from your waist on down to your toes seem to disappear and is substituted by an energetic sense of gliding in space.

The Shift Happens!

From nowhere emerges the realization that ‘you’ are not "mind, body & soul". What you are is just ‘soul’ — spirit, individual consciousness, witnessing observer, or anything else you’d like to call yourself that is not your mind or body. You realize that your mind and body are temporary and totally on loan. We all are infinite beings. Your mind's limited intelligence is the vehicle for which you, as soul, has the opportunity to relate to others through all forms of communication. Limited perceptions and ways of communicating now have the opportunity to shift as a result of Quantum Gliding. Your body is the "earth suit" which houses you and includes your brain. The relationship that you - soul -have between your mind's level of intelligence and the age and health condition of your physical body, is what Quantum Gliding helps bring into awareness. When ‘you’, the observer, realizes your place as conscious awareness, transformation begins and continues endlessly.


" What a great experience! I used to be a ballet dancer and ever since I stopped dancing on a regular basis, I have had a hard time finding a form of exercise that is fun, rewarding, and healthy for my body, mind, and spirit. "
" For the first time in my life, cardio workouts are appealing. Plus, I never realized that I could focus for so long. This has greatly improved my issues with ADD. I feel clearer, more focused and satisfied that I'm doing something positive for my physical health "
" No one spends more time or money on getting people fit as quickly and efficiently as possible than the military. How do they accomplish this in training? There is dedicated physical training (PT) each day, but that can only go so far. "
" Quantum Gliding is an amazing option to incorporate into my routine because it is an art form that I can practice and improve upon over time. Plus, it doesn’t take a huge time commitment in my busy schedule. "
" Today, I had an amazing Quantum Gliding experience. The distinction "I am not my brain” was clearly visible and I was fully present to that experience. "


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