A fun and exciting way to stay in shape as you clear and energize your mind!

Quantum Gliding offers a much needed cardiovascular workout for the body while it clears out the clutter in your mind. The ease and excitement of your practice helps an aerobic workout fly by in no time at all. Negative thoughts powerfully transform using positive interpretations, opening the door to the simplicity of meditation.

Programs for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced levels of meditation!

Each program includes an introduction, tutorial, & practice.

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" What a great experience! I used to be a ballet dancer and ever since I stopped dancing on a regular basis, I have had a hard time finding a form of exercise that is fun, rewarding, and healthy for my body, mind, and spirit. "
" For the first time in my life, cardio workouts are appealing. Plus, I never realized that I could focus for so long. This has greatly improved my issues with ADD. I feel clearer, more focused and satisfied that I'm doing something positive for my physical health "
" No one spends more time or money on getting people fit as quickly and efficiently as possible than the military. How do they accomplish this in training? There is dedicated physical training (PT) each day, but that can only go so far. "
" Quantum Gliding is an amazing option to incorporate into my routine because it is an art form that I can practice and improve upon over time. Plus, it doesn’t take a huge time commitment in my busy schedule. "
" Today, I had an amazing Quantum Gliding experience. The distinction "I am not my brain” was clearly visible and I was fully present to that experience. "


What is Quantum Gliding?

Quantum Gliding is an extraordinary practice that combines aerobic exercise with audio-guided visualization. It's peaceful, calming and energizing! Watch the suffering and discomfort vanish from your aerobic workout.

Quantum Gliding is an awesome synergy of mind, body and you, who are spirit.

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Why Quantum Gliding?

Because it's easy, it's fun, it's healthy and every one can do it! Seniors LOVE it!

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